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If You Are A Waitress, Waiter Or Bartender Working For Tips,
You NEED to read this!

Trying to live off your tips CAN be a very scary thing!
Serving customers for a living is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.
The majority of waiters, waitresses, food servers and bartenders struggle financially.
There is a small, smart minority who make BIG money, and have FUN doing it!

How To Make MUCH Bigger Tips!

Patti Farnham

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From: Patti Farnham

Almost 30 years ago I got a part time job working in a restaurant, and I was hooked!

Over the years I've been a cook, hostess, food waitress, bartender, cocktail waitress, manager and staff trainer. I have worked in many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, diners, coffee shops, fine dining restaurants and even a hot dog cart.

It didn't take me long to notice that most servers "just got by" on their tip money. It also didn't take me long to realize a few servers made MUCH better money than the rest!

I started copying the subtle tips and techniques from each successful server I worked with. Each person had their own special little tip. I became obsessed with testing, refining and discovering ALL the "secrets" that led to bigger tips.

It didn't take long for me to become the highest tipped server wherever I worked.


Hi Patti
Thanks very much. This was the smartest $20 I ever spent. I was doing a few things right without realizing it and one of your secret techniques has made an amazing difference. I wasn't sure about a few ideas but after my first shift I am a true believer! Your tips paid for themselves in less than an hour.
Thanks for putting this out there

Tomika K.
Kentucky ..(letter on file)

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Back to my story... I wasn't always the prettiest, slimmest, youngest or cutest server, (although I still look DAMN good!). I never tried to deceive or flirt my way to better tips.

I made it my mission to discover, test and refine some simple, little secrets that made my income worth my time. I learned what it takes to make really exceptional money as a waitress and bartender!

A few years ago an owner saw me counting up my tips at the end of a shift. Most owners really don't care how much you make! This owner was different.

He wanted me to teach his new staff to do "whatever it was" I was doing. He was shocked when he realized his first management offer would mean a CUT in pay for me. He had never had an employee generate the type of income I was making from my tips!

We finally agreed he would match my income (plus I got benefits).

Simple, Step By Step, Proven Techniques That Work!

I'd mention a few ideas and "secrets" as I trained his new staff. The new staff made better tips than the veteran bartenders and waitresses who had been working there for years. tips for waitress

To make my life simpler, I printed a small list of tips to help new trainees.
(It made my job much easier (I'm basically lazy!))

The initial results were AMAZING!

Waiters, waitresses and bartenders have come back to me time and time again, thanking me for teaching them these methods. I run into people I've trained who've gone to other towns or cities. They are floored by how much more they are earning per shift, compared to their current co-workers.

I began to realize that this collection of techniques was unique. I realized this specialized information would be of great help and value to many people!

These "secrets" WILL make you MORE MONEY!


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You can make a VERY good living working for tips!

(Unfortunately, most don't!)

Stop leaving YOUR unclaimed tip money on the table?

Most of us started in the hospitality industry as a quick solution for some immediate cash flow. There are always places looking for part-time waiter/waitresses, bartenders and kitchen help. (I didn't say "good" places)

Ask yourself: "If you are going to put in the hours anyway, why not make BIGGER TIPS?

What A Dramatic Difference A Few Simple Techniques Can Make!

Why isn't this information easier to find?

You are probably well aware that hospitality industry jobs are generally looked down upon.

Everyone and their brother think they could be a bartender/waiter or a waitress. And maybe they could. Most people think it's easy (until they try it!)

What most people don't realize is that a few smart individuals are making LARGE dollars by serving customers.

When you surf the internet, you'll find lots of varied information on running a hospitality establishment, training workers for management, creating a menu, training kitchen help, etc,. You won't find much good information on making BIGGER TIPS!

tips for bartender There is plenty of information out there on "How to be a Bartender". Unfortunately, there is very little information on the fact that making HUGE tips requires MUCH more than knowing the ingredients of a drink list!

I also found a few "magic" courses that teach you to do tricks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. In most of the busier places I've worked, these "tricks" would get you fired. Juggling bottles is a great way to impress your friends at home, but most owners don't like it when you drop a 40 oz. bottle of rum.

I went to a local community college that offers hospitality industry courses. They offered courses that included cooking, becoming a chef, management training, marketing, reservation systems, wage/cost pricing analysis, policy and system design implementation. There was nothing on earning bigger tips!

In some establishments the owner/manager has a list of expected duties that they give as so-called "training" to the new waiter/waitress. This "training" is meant to improve the establishments' efficiency and profits, not necessarily the employee's income. I couldn't find any information on improving the front line workers income.

This ebook is the only publication that describes EXACT methods to
help YOU to make BIGGER tips TODAY!

(Update: since I first published this ebook on the internet a few years ago there have been a few "similar" ebooks published. (They say imitation is the highest form of flattery!)
It is shocking to me that none of these other publications are written by someone who has actually worked for tips for a living! Go figure!)

waiting on tables Okay, Can Anyone Benefit From These Methods?

My original little tip sheet has been greatly expanded.
Other servers have added their ideas.
I have observed what works and doesn't
I have refined, field tested and proven ALL of these techniques

And now you can benefit from all my years of trial and error!

Will This Really Work For Me?

Definitely, but only if you use it.

Inside your copy of this ebook you will find step by step instructions on how to dramatically increase your tips.

But, like everything else in the real world, it is up to you!

If you don't try out some ideas,
if you don't put this new knowledge into practice,
if you don't correct some of the mistakes you might be making,

If you simply try a few of these techniques,
work on them and refine them to fit your personal style,
you can really dramatically increase the tip money you take home at the end of your shift!

It is like any art form or talent. It's like playing the piano!
These secret methods need to be practiced, refined and worked on!

You Can Now Choose To Learn Exactly How To Make Bigger Tips!

These tips work regardless of your gender, race, religion, height, weight, good looks, experience and education. As long as you are willing to learn these concepts and use these "secrets", you WILL make BIGGER tips!


Dear Patti
I'm making over $180 a week more since I started using just 2 of your tips. And my repeat customers are great, I had a table for lunch yesterday and they asked to wait until they could be seated in MY section. The rest of the place was almost empty. I owe you mucho big time!
Jenn Burdette
Waterloo, Ont ..(letter on file)

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You will receive your copy of "Gratuity Ingenuity" in ebook form.

I wouldn't let a family member, friend, or neighbor's child start working for tips without making sure they knew this information!

Here's What You'll Discover Inside The eBook

You'll learn EXACTLY what your customer expects, (ignore this and you'll lose a ton of money).

Learn to identify the 3 types of customers, (there are ONLY three!)

You will learn what your customer REALLY WANTS from you.

Learn the basics you MUST know (it's amazing how many servers don't!).

Learn how to determine the PERFECT situation for YOU, not the owner.

how to make bigger tips Learn the dreaded one wrong sentence that will destroy your tip!

You'll learn how easy it is to get hired at the most PROFITABLE places.

You will discover the "3 DEADLY DON'TS" that everyone does, (all 3 are tip killers!)

You can learn the advanced techniques for waiter/waitresses, bartenders and cocktailers.

You'll understand the one single mistake that guarantees a bartender/cocktailer won't get a BIG tip

You will understand the "Old Fishermans' Saying", that has the power to explode your income!

You'll discover the single Most Powerful secret technique. I have NEVER seen this secret used and fail! Don't use it and I guarantee you are losing money!

Learn what NLP is and what it can do to explode your tips!

You can have ALL this information in your hands just moments from now....
(yes, even if it's 4:00 am)
There will be no waiting for UPS or the post office.
You can download your personal copy NOW and start reading it immediately.

Here's what you WON'T read inside this ebook

a motivational rah-rah, pump you up, motivational sermon to talk you into staying, or leaving the hospitality business.

a bunch of thinly veiled sales pitches for "other great products"

any suggestion you should go work at "strip club" or in any "adult" situations. If that's what YOU want, all the power to you. I've made GREAT money without doing that, and so can you!

Download Your Copy Now!

gratuity ingenuity

Once you've finished downloading your ebook, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever?), and take a few hours to read this revealing information.

You can then turn a typically "low paying job" into your "well paying profession".

Simply study one or two tips and try them out on your next shift.
Then keep adding, practicing and personalizing more techniques and ideas!
Practice your "Secret Art" and enjoy your rewards!

This ebook is a collection of my personal discoveries from years of actually working for tips.

I won't make any guarantees that you'll make a million dollars after you read it.
I WILL guarantee that if you try some of the ideas, you will make more money!

I compliment you for searching and finding this website.
Most people who are working for tips have never even considered the possibility that there are proven ways to make MORE TIP MONEY!

Okay, So How Much?

serving customers The ebook is just $20.00 (I hate 19.95. It only leaves a nickel for a tip!)

Why $20?

I know that for some waiters/waitresses and bartenders $20
might be a lot of money.
Living hand to mouth, shift to shift on your uncertain tips is not fun.
I remember very well what it's like to run out of money, before you run out of month!

That's why I am charging only $20. (Many people think I should be charging MUCH more!)
If you are a hard working tip earner who is living shift to shift, you NEED this information and I wanted to make if affordable. I feel awful every time I see a hard working server busting their hump to serve a largely ungrateful public. We know that most servers aren't making very good money. This information can change that!

Looking back, I would have paid a LOT more than $20 for this information when I started.
Twenty dollars seems VERY fair to me.
(this information could easily pay for itself on your next shift)

Start Profiting From
"The Secret Art
Of Bigger Tips"

Click Here To Get Your Copy!

Gratuity Ingenuity - the secret art of bigger tips

To Order Your Copy By Credit Card or Online Check for only $20

It's fast, simple and secure!

Okay, What About A Guarantee?

I have struggled with this.
Let me ask you: What if you took your aunt out for lunch, you got her methods and knowledge as a successful bartender or waitress, and you picked her brain, but didn't use the information...
Would you ask the restaurant for your money back?
Okay, that being understood, I realize that you don't know me very well.
So here's my guarantee.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!money back guarantee

If you can honestly say that you read the entire ebook, and tried some of the tips in this book, and didn't learn anything that will make you BIGGER tips,
I will give you a 100% refund!

If you are not totally satisfied, I will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price. Simply send me an email within the next 30 days and I will refund your money. No questionnaires or weasel clauses. You're not happy; you get your money back. Only you will know if you're being totally honest or if you are messing with your karma ;-)
I'll take 100% of that risk!


The price of this ebook will have to be raised very shortly. With pay-per-clicks and paid submission search engines and hosting services constantly raising prices and adding new fees, I will continue to keep this site profitable. Therefore, I will be raising the prices shortly.

and beat the upcoming price increase!

With the information contained inside this ebook you can dramatically increase your tips.
You can read, learn, practice and start making larger gratuities,
or you can ignore this information and leave all that money on the table.

The decision, as always, is yours.


tips for bartenders, waitresses and waiters
Yours truly,
Patti Farnham

ps. Some people love to complain about their current situation
(you know that, you wait on them everyday),
and sometimes these people aren't willing to do ANYTHING to change their situation.
They seem to enjoy being miserable! Don't fall into that trap.
If you want to change your situation financially, this information really can help!

pps. A very wise man once said,
"Everything you have in your life is a result of the choices you make, or don't make!"

ppps. Don't forget about my 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!
You have absolutely nothing to lose, and BIGGER GRATUITIES to gain!
If you really want to make bigger tips, I'd love to help!


..and used to bring in less than $200 in tips for my 40 hour week. I got your ebook and read it. I gave it a try. I really tried to change some things I was doing. I changed ... ..and now, last week I made $856.00 in tips for about 36 hours work. God Bless You Girl.

C. Davis
Venice, Fl ..(letter on file)

*that's a 425% increase! earning tips

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Hello Patti,
I have been in the bar industry for a little over 10 years and truly love what I do. I just wanted you to know although I feel I far exceed the average Bartender, your advice helped me to be by far the most I have ever seen. I went from making $150 per night to $350 per night and I can't believe it's possible.
Im 30 "something" and work in a large Country Western bar with beautiful young 20yr olds all around me. I was beginning to feel as if it was time to go back to my "real job" again, which mind you I hated!! (mortgage lending).
I purchased your program, implemented your techniques went from making around $2500 in tips per month to around $5k per month and the club isn't any busier, in fact were slower. I've worked for this club for 2 1/2 years. the Owners can't believe what they see! I can outsell anyone in any section by thousands in sales! I just wanted to share my story with you because you have truly made a difference in my life by sharing your information.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Karissa ..(email on file)

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